Remembering: A History of Orange County, Virginia

Frank Walker has combined a love of history with a lifetime of living and working in the Orange County area to produce a comprehensive and well-received county history. The events affecting the county's Native Americans, European Americans and African Americans are chronicled in a work which lends itself to being read not only cover-to-cover, but also in selected specific chapters, subchapters, episodes, and stories. While his book is thoroughly researched, with footnotes, and provides its readers with the detail expected in such a work, Walker relies on his experience as a tour guide to make his presentations interesting as well as informative. Remembering tells us about James Madison and his Montpelier; gold mining; "our" William of Orange; Robert E. Lee; Germanna; the slave Pompey, Shackaconia; the Marquis de Lafayette; the Poor Folks and Preachers Railroad; Barboursville; and much, much more. The reader is rewarded with a chuckle here, a laugh there, and with interesting information everywhere. (Pub. 2004, Hardcover, 283pp. w/illustrations, footnotes, bibliography, and index.
Remembering: A History of Orange County, Virginia
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