The Short Life and Strange Death of Ambrose Madison

Ambrose Madison (ca. 1696-1732), was the grandfather of President James Madison. Born into an established Tidewater Virginia family, Ambrose Madison began a successful career as a planter, merchant, entrepreneur, and county official before deciding to travel westward to the fertile soils of the Virginia Piedmont frontier. He and his family settled on lands that would become the family?s Montpelier Plantation in Orange County. Ambrose was poised to re-launch his career in this new setting when his life was cut short by an early and violent death. Poisoned by slaves, Madison was the first documented murder victim in the region. A careful researcher and an organized writer, Ann Miller has drawn together for the first time the scattered records of that tragedy, and in so doing, she has also brought to light the life and times of the first of the Upland Madisons. (Pub. 2001, Softcover, 33pp. w/endnotes and six appendices.)
The Short Life and Strange Death of Ambrose Madison
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