No Matter What Befalls Me: Virginia Families at War and Peace

Over the years, Mr. Sullivan became interested in the history of his large and widely-connected family, their friends and neighbors, and the free and enslaved people of color who lived and worked among them. His research has yielded numerous stories and an enormous collection of documents, photographs, and artifacts. A particular area of interest for Sullivan has been the effect of the American Civil War on various families and individuals. In No Matter What Befalls Me, and using their own words wherever possible, he presents in book form some of the stories of how a number of them endured, adapted, and survived to rebuild their lives. In going beyond the war, Sullivan also tells us of such things as the Yankee seaman who moved to Spotsylvania County and ultimately married a local woman, the practice of a doctor in a small country town, the strange behavior of a court clerk, the dangers of working on the local railroad, and the historic connections and questionable virtue of a Wilderness lady.
No Matter What Befalls Me
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